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Real Estate Infrastructure


The Bare Necessities

Our Real Estate Infrastructure strategy focusses on sectors and assets that play a vital role in the function and development of our economy and the welfare of the population. The strategy targets properties that are directly linked to how we operate as a society, whilst also responding to accelerating socio-economic pressures. As the more traditional real estate markets have evolved, it is often difficult to find competitively priced long income to secure covenants.  Real Estate Infrastructure still offers that opportunity.

Target sectors include: supermarkets, education, life sciences and data centres. 

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The Bare Necessities

Business Space


Eat, work, sleep, repeat

Business Space is all around us and integral to our everyday lives, whether we are consuming or offering goods and services. Our Business Space strategy focusses on assets that are essential to a business’s operations, for example “mission critical” sites that service a group’s core business, whilst also taking into consideration ever changing consumer patterns. With this in mind, we also target buildings that offer the flexibility to adapt to evolving socio-economic and environmental trends, in order to stand the test of time.

Target sectors include: office, industrial & logistics and essential retail.

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Corporate building

Alternative Sectors


Be bold, be different

Alternative asset classes can offer very competitive return characteristics for the risk taken, so long as the risk taken is understood.  A number of institutions have had a small (5%-10%) weighting to alternatives in their balanced funds for some time.  However, we believe that the market share of alternatives within diversified real estate portfolios will continue to climb, particularly as institutions spend more time and resource in understanding and investing in the sector. This, paired with the direct link to long-term demographic trends, will continue to drive demand and value within this space.

Target sectors include: hotels, student accommodation, residential and automotive.

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Commercial building